Sunday, August 8, 2010

The birds have landed!

You may remember that I signed up to participate in a swap to handmake a bird-themed item?? Noodle's Bird Swap was my first one and I had a totally amazing experience!

For my gift, I decided to make a funky folk art-style birdhouse to celebrate the spirit of the people of New Orleans (who made me feel so welcome on my first trip there earlier this year) and as a tribute to the birds that have been suffering so dreadfully from the oil spill on the Louisiana shoreline. Some of the beads I used were actually from Bourbon Street! I was totally thrilled to get an email while I was away that my 'folk art' birdhouse had landed safely in Kent, England and my swap partner,  Jen loved it! It was so fun to see my creation appear on her blog over 3,000 miles away! (Jen's blog entry)

I just knew that a treat would be waiting for me when I got back and sure enough I was totally blown away with my handmade birdy mini-quilt! It is absolutely beautiful - even the wrapping was exquisite (Ricardo in the mail room at work did mine and I'm pretty sure mine wasn't as elaborate - I've seen his work before)...

And the box was jam-packed full of goodies - gorgeous paper, stamps, tissues, a candle and genuine English chocolate!!!

And look at my new treasure! Made from the heart and especially crafted for me! I absolutely love it!

Here's Jen's blog entry about how she made it and where she got her inspiration (Jen's blog entry). How amazing that I have such an adorable, intimate and personal gift from someone I've never met and who lives half-way across the world :). And even better that that I have a new BCFFL (Best Craftsy Friend For Life:))! Thank you Jen!

Western inspiration

I feel all creatively inspired after my trip out west! Some of the artwork we saw was so distinctive and unique. I really loved these contemporary southwestern photos on canvas by Chris Brock, an artist/photographer from Kanab:

As you would expect there were a ton of Native American indian crafts in Arizona. I've never seen so many dreamcatchers!

We carry this stuff in Florida too, but it seems to be more popular up in the Wyoming/Montana area. It's so gorgeous and you really can't have too many decorative chip clips...

The town of Jerome is full of unusual craftsy stuff...

These collages were made using genuine vintage pictures from the old ghost town...

Now I just have to come up with my next project...:)