Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making gifts

There are a ton of how-tos online for bottle lamps and I love the way that they look. I bought this bottle from Macaroni Grill (it's one of the ones they use to serve water in) and Mike drilled a hole at the bottom using a 1/8" glass drill bit. That was the trickiest part and took about a half an hour. We did lose a couple of bottles along the way and learned that applying any pressure at all with the drill causes them to break :(. The hole is just big enough to stuff Xmas lights inside the bottle, again using a lot of patience :). The finished bottle lamp makes a perfect alternative gift to a bottle of wine and was so pretty we had a hard time parting with it! 

Store bought cards are so expensive these days so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a packet of handmade cards for a full calendar year and package them up as a gift. In this packet I tried to include a variety of different card styles and made 4 birthday, 2 blank, 1 anniversary, 2 thank you, 1 Valentine, and 2 Xmas cards.

I wrapped them up in an organza bow...

And made a little bag to put them in out of this adorable fabric...

Now back to making Xmas gifts...remind me next year to get started in about March...;)