Sunday, June 19, 2011

Donna Downey's 'Beloved' class

It's been over a month since my Inspired retreat so I was really ready to try creating in a group setting again. Turns out Donna Downey herself (Donna's site here) was doing some classes at The Villages so I signed up for 'Beloved' - her six hour multi media scrapbooking class. Not only is she brilliant but Donna is so amazing friendly. I took Mike, Maddy and Nana to meet her too:).

During class Donna was able to answer tons of questions that I've had since I started trying out her style of work and she chatted with us all day. She has a really quick sense of humor and had us all laughing even when things didn't go exactly as planned:).

I didn't quite get done during class but worked most of the night when I got home to finish up so that my new precious book didn't join the huge pile of half-done projects in the garage ;). I'm really thrilled with how it came out in the end!

Thank you for everything Donna - you are such an inspiration!

Father's Day crafts...

It's so difficult to buy (let alone make) gifts for Father's Day! We wanted to put some time and effort into making something for Mike this year and were really proud of our creations in the end:). Here is Mike's 'Starbucks' lunch tote made from recycled Publix bags...

And while we're on the coffee theme - Maddy designed a cup holder so that he doesn't burn his fingers...

Hope he likes them!