Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gifts for baby nephews

I decorated some onesies with appliques for my two nephews for their first birthdays.

How-to on Martha Stewart's website here!

Friday, September 16, 2011

An Irish Blessing

I have decided to try and more fully embrace the 'Handmade Pledge!' Basically, that means I'll be either making (or buying handmade) items as gifts (and greetings cards) going forward. I have already made a start on Christmas (and thank goodness since I can already see that it's going to take months to get done:)) and I'm really enjoying the process so far. It feels a lot more personal and regardless of they turn out or how they are received, I hope my recipients all know that my gifts and cards will be made with lots of love :).

For my first gifting challenge I was inspired by this creation by Donna Downey (here) to make this little canvas piece for my nephew, Declan's baptism. I found the Irish blessing online and thought it was perfect! He is only one so a little young for feedback but his parents seem to really like it!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sundress for Haiti

Project HOPE Art is an organization dedicated to inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need through the creative process of art.

Their website says:

“We believe that there are not words as powerful as a single drawing, sock puppet play, mural, photograph or creative enterprise. Using art as a catalyst for healing and expression we intend to initiate whimsy and wonder while infusing creativity into disaster stricken communities. So often children are not part of the conversation within a hard hit, natural disaster area. We bring their ideas, thoughts and emotions to life in full color regardless of language, creed or custom. We do this using art as the Universal Language."

"Earlier this month, when Project HOPE Art was at Nadine’s orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, it became abundantly clear just how few clothes many of her girls have. The things they do own are very worn at best, some just barely holding together. HOPE Art would like to change this, with a personal touch, by starting a Homemade Dress Drive (link to blog here). We are inviting all seamstresses, beginner or advanced, to make one or more simple sundresses (our goal is 30) which will be hand delivered to the orphanage by the end of the year. This project is being aided by an online pattern company “oliver + s”, who has kindly agreed to let us use their free sundress pattern, which you can download here."

I really enjoyed picking out the fabric for my special little girl in Haiti and although I'm still very much a beginner seamstress but I found this pattern really straightforward and loved the dress that I made:).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crafts, crafts, crafts...

I have really been enjoying making things lately and have been spending time on art and craft projects almost every day. Unfortunately I don't have much that I can share right now since most of my 'creations' are Christmas gifts for friends and family. After all, there are only 111 days left until the big day but who's counting?;). Anyway, here are a few cards I've made recently - I've been trying a bunch of different styles and really like how all of these came out!